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PHASE 1 Provides:

  • Contains 20mg of Cannabinoids. (CoA)



Non psychoactive Cannabinoid allowing your body and mind to separate you from everyday stresses and anxieties for ZERO INTERRUPTION training. Our CBD combats catabolic hormones, such as- cortisol, which is a hormone that prevents protein synthesis and muscle growth. Our CBD is key to help fight inflammation and pain relief for those training sessions that put excessive stress on your joints. This is not a fad, but a necessary supplement. (CBD Lab Results)

150MG Caffeine

Stimulating our athletes performance and/or weight-loss with 150MG of caffeine and improving mental focus and energy without the crash.

2G Beta Alanine

PHASE 1 contains 2G of Beta Alanine per serving scoop. Clinical studies have shown that of Beta Alanine is the optimal amount and suggest consuming that in split dosages. This allows you to take PHASE 1 both pre workout and intra workout.


7G Citrulline Malate

Brings to our athletes bigger pumps promoting better blood flow which essentially means better vascularity.

16MG Dextrose

The fastest absorbing carb without feeling bloated, replenishes glycogen levels which allows athletes to perform harder for a long period of time before fatiguing. Quick and high response to insulin, a very anabolic hormone in our system promoting faster muscle growth.

200MG Coconut Water Extract

Is a natural electrolyte providing hydration and rich antioxidants. Electrolytes often work best together with minerals, such as- pure ocean sea salt to keep you feeling great and supporting cardio vascular health.

170MG Pure Ocean Sea Salt

Prevents dehydration, pairs well with electrolytes, and promotes better nutrition absorption.


*** To view the Certificate of Authority (CoA) of our pure non-psychoactive CBD isolate please click on the link here: ***


JASCO introduces PHASE 1, A uniquely formulated Energy and Pump blend with all the properties of a PRE & INTRA workout with an innovating twist of Cannabidiol (CBD). Phase 1 is created to separate ourselves from your ordinary supplements by adding beneficial CBD to provide and support our performance athletes with the proper muscle RECOVERY, ANTI-INFLAMMATION and muscle GROWTH. The unique combination of Energy, Pump, and Focus along with CBD makes PHASE 1 an ALL-IN-ONE, revolutionary product in the market. PHASE 1 has been formulated to the highest standards in order to provide the most effective supplement that has been proven to produce next level results.

Our athletes will be ensured to have complete disclosure of all ingredients, NO proprietary blends. PERIOD.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease; always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.